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Here is the place to find the unexpected, from Tom Waits to Robyn Hitchcock, to imaginative covers by bands paying homage to accepted greats. You may be annoyed, but never bored. If you're often bored by radio, then I have the place for *you*. Thanks for all the support! Looking forward to seeing you in the cavern. :)

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More things to write? Feels more like an essay, what can I say? If all goes well, you'll hear music, if not, then I've still not figured out caster ;) Feel free to request any tunes. I love hearing new music & sharing music is such a great gift.

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see above, if confused, see above? i often am, you are in good company? if not feel free to throw tomatoes. or tomatohs? dishes? i dont do dishes. but feel free to order up a tune

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